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Saturday, April 30, 2011

NECROSIS Saturday # 02

Recently i have been doing alot of concept art regaurding the law enforcement unit PAX as they will start to play a bigger role in NECROSIS. PAX is made up of a lot cats, rabbits and a single fighting fish, they enforce the laws of Spire 13 with an iron fist.
I wanted to make a sort of 'heavy infantry walker' type unit that should be able to deal with large riots. I based the design around Totoro, from My Nieghbor Totoro (see that movie its great).

 I felt that the rabbits also needed a presence when it came to law enforcement. To make up for all thier physical short comings the rabbits use cyborgnetic augmentations to enhance combat abbilities. Each agent is named after thier specific augmentation. The plan is that there will be a trio; Mrs. Gun, Mr. Fist, and the leader Mr. Eyes.
 As an added bonus you get uncle Jimmy (Yeh). This has nothing to do with Necrosis. Enjoy!

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  1. Too awesome man! I friggin love the gattling-gun toting Totoro! Can't wait to see that guy in the book