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Saturday, May 14, 2011

NECROSIS Saturday # 04

Dear readers, this week has been a very busy one for me with my exams and all. Thankfully i aced the exam with relative ease - so now I have a bachelor of Fine arts In Computer Graphics Animation.

As a little treat i have decided to upload the mock up for the cover of Necrosis issue 06.

The cover features Amanda Lomax, the cyborg crimfighter (and antagonist). She first apeared towards the end of Necrosis: The Trouble With Jack, and i felt that i could award her with a cover as she plays a major role in the story to come.
Her robot cat suit is equipt with all sorts of fun gadgets like; A retractable sword and machine gun. The head can also come off and walk around on small spider legs.

The suit is operated by the siamese fighting fish Amanda Lomax from fish bowl head that hides beneath cold stare of the visor. I wanted amanda to feel really high tech, for lack of better words, to contrast with the dirty mechanical and dated feeling of everything else. Like comparing an iPhone to a Nokia 3310 (f.y.i. 3310 is still better phone, just because it can take a beating and doesn't break when you try to make a phone call).

 Thanks for tuning in this time, see you next week.

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