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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sketch Book Tuesday # 03 ... it's still tuesday in Denmark

This weeks Sketch Book Tuesday is about 'Otto's Apartment' a television series i developed (am developing) with my good friend Jonas. The story takes place in some wierd city city plauge by all zombies, terrorist and nuclear meltdowns. The Story centers around an Emo Bear called Kurt and his firends Vincet (A conartist Fox), Uncle Jimmy (A sex turist) and the a retarded Narwhale. They all share a flat with thier mutal friend Otto... who is never seen. It's about thier dayly and crazy life together. We're still developing the story from time to time, and i hope one day to have it aired on T.V. Above there are some character designs.

I know i've been adding alot of character designs to the blog, so the homework assignment for next week is environment, yes environment. Partly because i hate drawing builds and shit, but the only way to get good at somthing is to go out and practice.


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